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Phone Cards for Calling within Albania

Compare quality SpeedyPin phone cards for domestic calling within Albania. Save up to 95% on domestic long distance calls to landline and cell phones in Albania. We offer best phone card calling rates from Albania. Online shopping is easy, fast and secure, PINs are delivered instantly, and all prepaid phone cards come with a 100% Guarantee. Do not forget that you will receive a 5% discount on all orders of $40 or more!

Compare Best Phone Cards to Call Albania - Cellular

Card Details Rates Select Amount & Buy
Minutes are for
$10 product.
Calling to
Calling to
¢/minute minutes ¢/minute minutes
Albania 160¢ 6
     No Connection Fee
     No Fees or Taxes
     1 Minute Rounding
Calls will be rounded up to the next multiple of 1 minutes.
Example: a call lasting 3 minutes and 30 seconds minutes will be billed for 4 minutes.

TIP: Reduce rounding costs by purchasing products which round to one minute or less or by using all of the available minutes in a single call.
  Will you call from a payphone? 
Note: Minutes are based on optimal usage patterns which avoid most taxes, surcharges and fees. Your usage pattern may yield fewer minutes.

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